Every character is the lead in their own story.

And every story is trying to be written.

This is U131, a project 7 years in the making for me, one that I am finally able to tell to you in these words and images.  U131 is the story of a story trying to be written.  The characters are actual characters in the mind of an author, and their struggle to find eternal life in the form of the written page is the main conflict of this tale.

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A brief introduction to the hero of this story.  Click on the banner to Read!


splash brothers

Wire is an unwritten character, overpowered yet powerless to free himself.  He has been cast from his own story and so has decided to make his own.  He follows a mysterious entity known only as the Red Machine from story to story, hoping it will give him the secrets to the perfect story.  Plundering plots and ideas from various stories scattered across the mind, he creates his own masterpiece, a tale hand crafted to escape the confines of the mind.  Wire populates it with a myriad of stolen characters.

Pamena, his partner, is a man who killed every character in his own story so they couldn’t kill him.

bastionJaspin is a black man forced into the confederate army, a man created to be a villain but destined to be much more.

Mallory is a lovely, awe inspiring, imperfection of a woman who Wire immediately decides will be his love interest.  She has other ideas.

Eckert is a mysterious driver who knows far more about their story then he is saying…

generationsCombatting these characters are a strike team sent from Generations Prosper, a competing story that the mind would rather see written.  Leading them is…

Lucretia, a winged avenger with a past as layered as the mind.  If Wire and his characters can survive the conflict, perhaps they can be written.  But looming over them all are the terrifying soldiers of the subconscious. Any and all that resist order are enemies.

The hunt is on.

The book will be coming soon!