Big Bad Beautiful

Trees strangle the ruins of our modern civilization. Little Red is a man, Grandmother is a cruel dictator, and the Big Bad Wolf was once a young woman.

Common peasant, Evan Everard, is called back to his childhood home to enter the service of tyrannical Grandmother Truth. Forced to don the crimson hood and to wield the silver pistol and bullets as a “Red”, Everard is assigned as a partner to Taya, a childhood flame, who has been turned into one of the most dangerous weapons alive, a “Wolf”. Bitten and infected with a bioweapon disease from wars long gone, Taya is a werewolf, doomed to transform at the barest touch of moonlight on her skin. Wolves defend Grandmother from the many enemies and monsters of the broken roadways.

As a Red, it is Everard’s job to control Taya through cruelty. As she is taken by the moonlight and transformed, Everard is to call her back to him when the danger has been destroyed, to turn her human once more with his silver weapons, and to keep her from accidentally harming those she is meant to protect. Only hatred can cut through her animal madness. Taya is the only known female to survive being bitten, and has grown from the little girl Everard once knew into an uncontrollable, force of nature.

But as Everard and Taya are swept into Grandmother’s pilgrimage, they begin to hope that perhaps love and kindness can be stronger than the harsh rule of cruelty they have been instructed to obey. If this young partnership can reconcile their past, they may yet survive the moonlit pilgrimage, escape the monsters in the woods, and contain the dangerous power of the most beautiful Big Bad Wolf.

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