meeeI work full time as a graphic designer and do various forms of art in my free time. I have the most experience with packaging, social media, branding and web design. My artistic passions include painting, sculpture, digital illustration and writing. I hope my work can inspire you to pursue your own creative passions. I believe everyone is capable of art, and that it is a truly invaluable asset for relieving stress and expressing your truest feelings.

Visit https://www.behance.net/DanielGarvin1975 for more examples of his creative work.

Work Experience 

49er Shops, CSU Long Beach:   March 2013- December 2015

Sideshow Collectibles:  May 2015 – September 2015

Famous Monsters of Filmland:  November 2015 – March 2016

Artisan’s Prints:  April 2016 – May 2016

Guitar Center Inc:  May 2016 – March 2018

United Exchange Corporation:  April 2018 – August 2020

FAMBrands:   August 2020- Present